Hoitola Susannea

Sauna therapy and lakeside sauna "Uitto"

The lakeside sauna of Uitto is ready to receive clients! The address for the treatment sauna is Kemijärventie 1156 (slipway).

Distances to nearby locations: Pyhätunturi (approx. 20 km), Kemijärvi (approx. 40 km), Sodankylä (approx. 70 km).

Traditional healing culture and therapeutic sauna treatments. Sauna offers traditional and modern treatments, which both nurture and pamper. Sauna therapy-training is a registered training method, and only people who have gone through proper training can use the title of Sauna therapist.

Here’s a sample of our services: traditional cupping therapy, peat sauna and rose sauna. More detailed information below.


  • Women’s sauna on Thursdays at 16.30-18.00.
  • Men’s sauna on Thursdays at 18.30-19.30.
  • We use always ready -sauna stove. The service is available all year round.
  • Pre-registration the night before via tel. 050- 3390022.
  • Group size 1-10 persons (maximum)

Please bring your own towel and water bottle. Going to sauna accelerates metabolism.
Remember to hydrate before and after sauna.

Towel rental 7,00 €/towel
Price: 15,00 €/pers.
Price includes the use of sauna.


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of traditional medicine, and it improves blood circulation and removes waste products from the capillary. Cupping therapy is available all year round on request, except during the so called dog days (23.7-23.8). We recommed two cupping therapy session per year (spring and autumn).

Cupping therapy includes a warm-up in sauna with bath broom, skin disinfection, so called dry cupping / the planning of the suction points and small cuts with a surgeon knife.

More information about the therapy here>>

Towel rental 7,00€/towel
Duration of the cupping is approx. 1,5 h / Price 90,00 €
Price includes sauna, bath brooming, skin and hair wash.
Sauna drink: berry juice and water

Magic of Peat -sauna treatments

Alternative peat saunas:

  • The kiss of swamp peat sauna for a couple: total 80 € (price includes special celebration drink/herbal tea and additional surprise for the two of you. You can also get a picture from the benches if you so desire.)
  • The power of wilderness, luxus treatment: foot peat poultice with the “extra spice” of your choice, The Whisper of Heather-sparkling wine, wild herb salad. Caramelized angelica/or wild herb pannacotta. Etheric heather in a scent lamp. 90 € /pers. Ideal group size is 4-6 pers. Design by Erä-Elli/Susannea
  • The scent of swamp Group peat 30 €/pers., min.3/max 10 pers. Duration approx. 2 h. Peat alternatives: regular, chocolate. Queen (honey), Snow queen (salt, honey, notice allergy threat), Snow White (salt).
  • Lap= lumberjack’s favorite place full-body peat poultice 90 €/pers., 1-2 customers can be at the same time. 1,5 h reserved for poultice treatment; you’re in poultice approx. 40 min.
  • Baby’s peat bath 30 € (duration 20-30 min.)

Peat sauna always includes the usage of peat and water and/or berry juice for a sauna drink. Duration of the sauna approx. 2 h, depending on what peat sauna treatment was picked, as well as the size of the customer group (2-10 people). Please bring your own towel and water bottle. Sauna accelerates metabolism. Enjoy liquids before and after sauna. Towels for rent, 7.00€/towel


Alternative treatments:

  • Chocolaty Dream (full body) 120,00 €/pers. (coconut can be added if needed) Massage and poultice treatment. Body separately 50,00 €/pers., face 50,00 €/pers.
  • Tropical wind (coconut from head to toe; massage body peeling, coconut wash coconut shampoo/conditioner, anti-cellulite treatment.) 120,00 €.
  • Dry cupping (coconut/salt/suction cups) 70,00 €/pers.
  • Bamboo massage with coconut oil. Strengthens connective tissue, smoothes skin, treats deeply and relaxes 85,00 €/pers.
  • Lumberjack’s head massage 45,00 €/pers. (duration approx. 45 min)

Sauna treatments for women

Alternative saunas:

  • Full clean sauna =timber species, which leaves no bark when peeling. More commonly known as cleansing sauna (In summer we collect herbs if so desired; learn what the plants tell you about health. Rita Apuli’s Puhdistussauna-book is used for guidance.)
  • Herb bundle massage, full body wash with a birch soap, full body birch peeling, birch face pack, birch sauna broom.
  • Farewell kiss sauna = farewell to one leaving for log floating. Wash massage with a rose soap, sweetgrass/juniper meaning Midsummer night footbath, clay facial treatment, birch sauna broom.
  • Suede reindeer sauna full body wash with a peat-tar soap, honey/olive oil/coffee grounds peeling. Removes cellulite and increases metabolism. Sauna coffee available, if so desired.
  • Return kiss – sauna =Greeting to the one returning from the log floating. Wash with a tar bar soap, body peeling with a Salt of life, clay facial treatment, Virta-serum for face (mint).
  • Sleeping Beauty’s sauna = Rose sauna. Rose bar soap, rose shampoo/ rose conditioner for hair, rose peeling for body. Footbath (petal of a rose. absolut-rose-etheric, petal of a cloudberry meaning Women’s Strength), Rose serum and rose water for face. Rose tea.
  • Sea buckthorn full body wash with a sea buckthorn soap. Hair wash with sea buckthorn shampoo and conditioner. Skin peeling with sea buckthorn. Cold foot bath with powdered sea buckthorn. For a drink sea buckthorn juice.
  • Back sauna treatment full body wash with a birch soap, wash massage to the back with a Salt of life, birch sauna broom. Foot bath; meadowsweet, birch resin leaf meaning the Most Beautiful Spring. Max. 2 pers. treatment.
  • Cinderella stress relief treatment sauna. Wash with a peat-tar soap. Honey-salt mixture on joints, ash if necessary. Sheet around the body, clay mask for the face and invigorating touch of birch sauna broom.


  • 2 pers./75 €/pers.
  • 3-6 pers. 60 €/pers.
  • 7-10 pers. 50 €/pers.

Sauna treatments for men

  • Fireweed sauna with birch/fireweed sauna broom, wash massage with a tar soap, supplements/herbal drink, snack.
  • Boatbuilder’s tar sauna tar-peat bar soap, poultice tar for sore spots, spruce sauna broom, foot bath at the Uitto beach (angelica, juniper)/spruce cones.


  • 2 pers./75 €/pers.
  • 3-6 pers. 60 €/pers.