Pyhän Asteli Resort

Igloos and Aurora Suites
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Pyhän Asteli resort

Offers a variety of accommodation near the Pyhä ski resort, in peace and quiet of a lappish forest. Enjoy the nature in beautiful scenery or take part to our activities. The Pyhä-Luosto cross-country ski tracks and hiking routes starts from our yard and the fascinating lake Pyhäjärvi is just a stone's throw away.

Holiday apartments (private sauna, kitchenette, 2 bedrooms and living room with fireplace)

Aurora Igloo Huts and Aurora Suites for observing the Northern Lights

Welcome to Pyhän Asteli resort!

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Aurora Suites

There are 10 en-suite rooms (35 m²) with double bed and sofa for extra beds. A single story house curves slightly with large skylights pointing to the north.
Rooms are located close to main restaurant where breakfast is served and other services are also easily reached. Rooms have small kitchenette.

Book also our outside Jacuzzi or private sauna which are next to the Aurora Suites

Aurora Igloo Huts

Aurora Igloo Huts are specially made for observing the Northern Lights and the beautiful night sky. Under the glass ceiling it is possible to enjoy these magical lights comfortably in warm and soft bed. To see the Northern Lights you’ll only need a clear cloudless sky, geo-magnetic activity in the atmosphere as well as a touch of pure luck.

More information about the Aurora Igloo Huts and prices from Asteli

Holiday Apartments

The Holiday Apartments in Pyhän Asteli are comfortable semi-detached houses, which are located in a beautiful location in the forest. The apartments are a convenient choice for active holidaymakers due to their accessibility: the cabin can be reached directly by car, the skiing and hiking trails start directly from Pyhä Asteli’s yard and equipment gets dry in the heater for the next day's activities. The atmospheric and quiet apartment has its own fireplace. It is nice to spend the evening together in a cozy warmth of a real fire.

More information about our accomodation and prices can be found here.

Log cabins

The oldest accommodations in Pyhä Asteli are traditional log cabins made from planned Finnish timber. This reddish old wood gives its own warm atmosphere to the cabins. All the log cabins are different with their own specialty. The cabins can accommodate 2 to 7 persons. The log cabins are named after Finnish animals: Kettula(fox), Porola(reindeer), Hirvelä(moose), Vasala(a fawn/baby deer) and Karhula(bear). Behind the links you'll find more information about the log cabins and prices.