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Mountain biking in Pyhä-Luosto area, Lapland

During the summer, enjoy mountain biking on most of the Pyhä-Luosto national park’s marked trails. Additional biking trails can be found just outside the national park: in Pyhä Soutaja, Vuostimo, and Luosto Orresokka.

There are over 170 km of bike trails within the national park and in its vicinity, of which, 40 km is specially designed for mountain biking.

Cycling is a handy way to get to know the area. Here is some tips of cycling routes exploring the area. Please note that the routes are not covered. Routes are going along cross country ski tracks, so there might be some soft spots. Also be aware of rocky spots.

  • Round trip to Pyhäjärvi lake: You can start from Visitor center Naava's parking area. Follow the cross-country ski (in summer mode) track to Asteli. From Asteli to Pyhäjärvi village the route goes along side of the the road . Road number 9621. Just after passing the Pyhäjärvi village you turn right to a road that leads you to cross-country ski (in summer mode) track to Soutaja. Return to starting point. Easy route, length 16 km.

  • Luosto center- Ukkoluosto parking lot- Lampivaara: the starting point is the gateway to national park along the ski track until you get to Ukkoluosto parking lot. From Ukkoluosto the route continues again along ski track about 2,5 km. The last length goes quite a bit up hill but the scenery from Lampivaara is worth the effort. The route gravelled, has hills but otherwise easy. Length one way 5 km.
  • Luosto-Pyhä: The starting point is the gateway to national park in Luosto. Go towards Lampivaara (see previous description). From Lampivaara take direction to Pyhälampi day trip hut. After that go along side Latvavaara and continue to Porontahtoma lean-to-shelter and Kapusta day trip hut arriving to Huttujärvi lake. From Huttujärvi lake follow the road and then cross-country ski (in summer mode) track to Kiimaselkä day trip hut and from there to Pyhä center. The route is demanding and some parts are rocky, some parts of the route are gravelled. In Lampivaara, Latvavaara and Rykimäkero there are many route options to choose from, ask the best routes for you from Visitor Center Naava. Length 35 km.
  • Circle route over Luostotunturi: starting point is the gateway to National Park, crossing the bridge and continuing along the ski track all the way to Lampivaara. From Lampivaara back to Luosto nice downhill along the ski trail. Route is in most part easy, some rocky parts and up hill. Length 18 km.


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