Disc Golf Range in Pyhä & Luosto

Pyhä disc golf range:

22 hole disc golf range is located near by Family slopes in Pyhä. Diverse range offers courses between 60-240 meters. You can use your own discs or rent a disc set ( 3 discs) from Hotel Pyhätunturi for 8 €, for lost rental discs there are 10 € payment. The range is available free of charge. Welcome!

Luosto Disc Golf Park:

18 hole disc golf park near Luosto slope area. For the whole course it takes about 2-3 hour to play it through in the variable terrain in the Luosto slopes. If you don't have your own discs you can lend a set from Lapland Hotels Luostotunturi, or from Santa's Hotel Aurora for 50€ deposit. Also you can use your driving licence as a deposit. For missing discs there is a 20 € payment/ missing disc. The range is available free of charge. Welcome!


Service providers

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