Sauna, ice swimming & beaches

Sauna and ice swimming in Pyhä-Luosto

Sauna & ice swimming in Pyhä-Luosto is available in Kairosmaja and in Karu Lodge. The sauna in Kairosmaja has public opening hours daily during 16:30-17:30 o’ clock and on Wednesdays 16:30-19’ o clock. In the sauna are different sections with changing rooms and saunas for women and men. Sauna is alcohol free and there is no use of “vasta”. Own swimsuits. Price: 10€/ person during public opening hours. Private groups need to book separately.

Smoke sauna during summer

The smoke sauna in Kairosmaja is available during summer (June-July). Smoked sauna will be heated once a week (Wednesdays 15-19 o'clock). Price for smoked sauna: 15€/person, 10€/ under 16 years.

Ask for more information from hotel receptions and the activity companies in the area.

Public beaches during summer in Pyhä and Luosto

In Luosto the public beach, Aarnilampi, is located about 2 kilometer from Luosto centre towards Pyhä. Beach has changing booths.

In Pyhä the public beach is located few kilometers from Pyhä centre towards Pyhäjärvi village. Beach has changing booths. Parking by side the road.

Sauna culture in Finland

For Finns, the sauna has always been the place to bathe, and is an integral part of Finnish homes. There are all kinds of saunas, and the smoke sauna is the most traditional. Almost all holiday homes have electric saunas, and sauna crazy Finns have built saunas everywhere, even in a car!

Sauna has always been considered the source of energy and health in Finland. When some studies say that sauna is a health risk, Finns find the conclusion rather amusing. An old Finnish adage says an ailment only to be deadly if liquor, tar, and sauna cannot cure it.

Sauna should be heated suitably, not too hot. Water is thrown on the hot stones to get nice humid warmth ("löyly" in Finnish). Löyly can be boosted by using a "vasta" made of birch tree twigs, for a gentle whipping. After warm löyly you can cool down sitting on the porch, or take a refreshing dip in icy water. Swimming in icy water is good for blood circulation. We warmly recommend it!

Ask for more information from hotel receptions and the programme activity companies in the area


Swimming in a hole carved in the ice could be called somewhat crazy, but a lot of Finns rely on this habit as a source of health during the winter. Many of them think swimming in a lake during the summer feels too warm!

Some people combine sauna and winter swimming, whereas others think the heat difference is too big and the heat "destroys" the good influences and exhilarating feeling after having been in the cold water. Most people wear a hat, gloves and some kinds of shoes or socks to prevent the extremities from getting too cold.

Some people may experience health risks especially when moving quickly from sauna to the cold water: patients with various diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or skin disease. These people should pay attention to the way they bathe or avoid winter swimming and very hot saunas.


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