At Pyhä-Luosto snowmobiling tracks are connected to further distances all the way to the Arctic Sea. Areas programme service companies offers many different kind of snowmobile safaris for the beginners as well as driver’s looking for exciting challenges.

From - service you can take a look of Pyhä-Luosto area snowmobile routes.


Who can ride and where:

A snowmobile can be driven by a person who is 15 years old or older. The driver must have at least a T license (or a valid driver's licence) as he/she is riding along official snowmobile routes or riding on a road / crossing a road. Drunk driving regulations apply to snowmobile riders also in terrain.

Riding a snowmobile across terrain always requires permission from the land-owner. No special permission is required if one rides on official snowmobile routes and on ice-covered bodies of water.


One observes right-sided traffic on routes. The biggest permitted terrain speed on land is 60 km/h and 80 km/h on iced-over water areas. If there is a sleigh linked to the snowmobile - for the purpose of carrying people - the maximum speed is 40 km/h.

In addition to driving skill, the snowmobile rider’s most important safety device is protective helmet. It has been deemed mandatory for both the driver and the passenger. Helmet use is mandatory also for a passenger who travels in an open sleigh.


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