Summit on Ukko-Luosto fell

Trail to the summit of Ukko-Luosto fell is 3,6 km long. Getting to the summit of Ukko-Luosto fell is a worthwhile challenge. There are steps up the slope and at the top of the fell there is a lookout platform from which an utterly unforgettable view open in the direction of Siurunaapa Mire. From the top of Ukko-Luosto hikers can travel north towards Torvisen Maja cabin or they can return to Luosto's gate along Luosto Nature Trail. If hikers take the latter option the length of the trail is 6 km. The trail is classified as very demanding, but as it is quite short it suites for beginners. At some points the route of this trail leads long Luosto Nature Trail and the Pyhä-Luosto Hiking Trail.

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