Arctic Academy

The Arctic Academy is a company specialised in tourism services, offering unique Northern Lights programmes at Luosto. The company’s operations are based on expertise acquired in various special fields. The most important activity undertaken by the Arctic Academy is the production of unique Northern Lights programmes, and the people behind this are aurora borealis researchers Esa Turunen and Jyrki Manninen of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory.

Northern Lights viewings and hunts are arranged in wintertime for groups (per order) at Luosto and the company’s fixed base, the Aurora House, called Pohjan Kruunu in finnish, (distance 38 km by car from Luosto, only 25 km by snowmobile).

Summertime Aurora House is open on request, tel. +358 (0)40 514 2858

Snowshoeing adventures and instruction in cross-country skiing at Luosto are managed by a team of two powerful ladies: Taina Itkonen and Raili Turunen. In addition to Olympic and World Championship medals, their joint list of achievements also includes medal positions in Finnish Championships, in skiing, wilderness hiking and the Finlandia 100 km race.