Mixing Nuts

Mixing Nuts

Forest Mind well-being walks for individuals or groups. Ask for more and let us plan a suitable trip in the beautiful forest for you or your team. Forest Mind is a scientifically based Finnish method, which combines the well-being effects of the nature with the mind skills.

I am a holistic health coach, and I do individual coaching, various well-being & wellness trainings, well-being days for corporations and incorporate well-being effects of the nature to many things I do. I love the Forest Mind based refreshing/recovery walks in the nature. I am a Forest Mind instructor and trainer. I also organize Forest Mind trainings for professionals, who then can utilize the method in their work.

Coaching and trips in Finnish and/or English.
Let us plan suitable coaching or Forest Mind activities for you or your team!

Contact here My Mail or call.

I am not here (yet) all the time, I am based in Espoo, but slowly building my life in a manner I can live here most of the year. Forest Mind trips available now from 18th Dec to 7th Jan and from beg of April for about a month.