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Mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes, fatbikes, and e-fatbikes
baby cots and high chairs


Pyhähippu is cabin booking agency located in Pyhä and our family business was started in 1988. We rent around 100 cabins, semi-detached houses and terraced apartments. Since most of the cottages are privately owned, they differ in appearance. All the cottages are well-equipped with fireplace and sauna. Bike rental is big part of our business and we rent fatbikes, e-fatbikes, mountain bikes and e-mountain bikes. We have bikes also for children.

Take a look at our accommodation selection and make a booking:

We are at your service in many activities as well, see our equipment rental here. We have bikes, linen sets, rowing boat, disc golfs etc.

Our office is located in the centre of Pyhä, in the same building as grocery store K-Market Pyhäntähti, around the corner and next to the SportBar. Address: Kultakeronkatu 4, 98530 Pyhätunturi (Pelkosenniemi).

You can email us directly at Make sure you check our booking terms & conditions!


Rental equipments:

  • Mountain bikes
  • E-mountain bikes
  • Fatbikes
  • E-fatbikes
  • E-mountain bikes for children
  • Fatbikes for children
  • Mountain bikes for children

Bikes available all year round. We have mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes, fatbikes and e-fatbikes. Bikes also for children. Online bookings must be made on the previous day by 9 pm. If you want to make a booking for today, please contact us by phone 016 882 820 or by email info(a) Please note that it’s not possible to use lock pedals. Book bikes online

Our staff is more than willing to help you with choosing the right bike for you and planning biking route. You can check out in advance biking routes in Pyha-Luosto

You can also rent bikes for the evening but the bikes must be picked up in our office hours. Return the bikes to the Pyhähippu office and lock them. Locks and keys are hanging on the wall. Put the keys to Pyhähippu’s mailbox which is next to our office door. Leave the helmet either to a basket or on the bike.

These products also from our online shop:

  • Rowing boat 10€/2h, 20€/24h (available during summer)
  • Canoe 20€/2h, 40€/24h (available during summer)
  • Baby carrier 5€/2h, 10€/24h
  • Baby cot 15€/24h-week
  • High chair for kids 10€/24h-week
  • Disc golf set (3 discs) 8€/24h (available during summer)

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