Ski Café Torvisen Maja

Torvisen maja is the oldest, coziest and homiest cafeteria at Luosto area since 1957!

Homemade sweet and salty pies and delicious sugar coated doughnuts (munkki)!

Salmon soup every day!

Here awaits warm and cosy hut with a fireplace and Nordic espresso!


You can pay with cash or credit card.

More pictures on Facebook: Torvisenmaja / latukahvila

Sustainability in Torvisen Maja

  • Living like the good old days; no running water, electricity or wifi. The main source of the heating is the fireplace and the space is lighted with candles.
  • Running a business in an old house with out modern amenities is key to preserve the old building and the cultural history. Torvisen maja is available for everybody to visit.
  • Locally made: The doughnust and salty pies are hand made. Buns and salty doughnuts from bakery Kiuaspulla, Kemijärvi, Lapland.