The Lost Spell – Escape Pyhä

7. — 22.4.2018

Pyhä Ski Resort together with Escape Room Helsinki are producing a unique experience that transforms the ski resort into a giant escape room for two weeks in the spring of 2018. 

The story is based on the local legend of Huttu-Ukko, the guardian of the fell, and solving the mystery will take players all around the ski resort on skis. The name of the game is The Lost Spell, and the catch is to save the Pyhä fell from the evil plans of Pakkasnoita, the Frost Witch. The only way to save the fell is to find Huttu-Ukko’s lost spell.

Escape Pyhä adventure will cost 10 € per player and the player will need to have a valid ski pass as well.

Solve the mystery and save Pyhä 

Huttu-Ukko is a mighty creature that guards the Pyhä fell. For the last century Huttu-Ukko has sadly been watching how the gap between people and nature has grown. He tries to get people’s attention by making snowflakes dance, creating the fiery autumn colours and calling for the northern lights. Nature is in need of love, but people pay their attention elsewhere.

Huttu-Ukko decides it’s time for a wake-up-call. He will make the ground shake so powerfully that the mightiest fell in Pyhä called Kultakero will collapse. He has however noticed that there still are people that see his messages and can be in contact with him, so he decides to set a test. He leaves messages around Kultakero in hope for someone to find them and create a holy spell of those messages. With the spell Huttu-Ukko could restore his hope for humanity and undo the collapsing of Kultakero.

But there’s another problem: Pakkasnoita, the Frost Witch that resides in neighbouring Noitatunturi fell has gotten wind of Huttu-Ukko’s plans. The witch is hoping for Kultakero’s collapsing so that her fell would be the mightiest in Pyhä. This is why the witch has hidden all Huttu-Ukko’s messages and is hoping that people would not find them.

Our only hope is that there still are clever people who can find the messages despite the scheming of the witch and are able to solve the mystery of the spell so that Huttu-Ukko could be happy again. Please hurry, because we don’t know how much time we have left – Huttu-Ukko might lose his temper and make the fell collapse.

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