Pyhä's new fell village and Kultakero I & II

An atmospheric fell village will be constructed around the hotel in Pyhä. The second phase of the Kultakero project and its 26 new magnificent apartments are now in pre-marketing.

  • Kultakero I & II apartments:

    4+4 Taivas apartments, 135 m², for 8 + 2 people, sauna department, outdoor jacuzzi & 50 m² landscape terrace.

    2+2 Unique apartments, 74.5 m² and 120.5 m², 2-4 bedrooms, sauna department & outdoor jacuzzi.

    8+4 Pore apartments, 55 m², 2 bedrooms, outdoor jacuzzi & sauna with window.

    Kultakero II will also include:

    4 Pore apartments, 89 m², 2–3 bedrooms, outdoor jacuzzi & sauna with window.

    6 Family53 apartments, 53 m² – 56 m², 2 bedrooms, sauna with sauna & landscape terrace.

    6 Family33 apartments, 33 m² – 38 m², 4 beds, common living and sleeping area, sauna with window and private slope terrace.

    Kultakero I will also have 18 high-quality 25 m² hotel rooms and ten 29 m² Family-rooms on ground level.

  • Kultakero for customers

    Construction will be carried out in three phases, of which the construction of the first phase began in the summer of 2021. The opening goal of Kultakero I is Christmas 2022.

    The second phase, construction of Kultakero II is scheduled to start in the summer of 2022. Kultakero II would be completed by Christmas 2023.

    In the third phase the hotel will receive a new 40-room wooden floor and the old rooms will be renovated. The expansion of the hotel is scheduled to be built during the summer of 2023 or 2024.

The second phase of the Pyhä fell village is about to begin - construction of Kultakero II is scheduled to start in the summer of 2022

The largest peak in Pyhätunturi is called Kultakero, and the traditional hotel of Pyhä opened in 1966 under the same name. We are proud to reintroduce this familiar name when the first part of the new fell village, Kultakero I, opens by Christmas 2022.

The second phase of the fell village is now on pre-marketing and Kultakero II's 26 magnificent landscaped apartments are available. This is a unique opportunity to buy your own piece of the best Pyhä has to offer - a scenic apartment with the best location and services.

Construction of Kultakero II

Following the popularity of Kultakero I, pre-marketing of Kultakero II began in December 2021. The top floor apartments of Kultakero II will be identical to Kultakero I. Alongside the Pore55 apartments, larger Pore89 apartments and Family53 apartments with stunning views will be built on the middle floors. Right next to the slope Family33 apartments will be built with their own hillside terrace. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2022, and Kultakero II would be completed by Christmas 2023.

The atmosphere of the Pyhä's fell village is built of wood

Our partner is Honkatalot, an experienced expert in wood construction. The houses built by Honkatalo combine wood, a light carbon footprint and a modern design. The breathable log house has an ideal indoor air, the wooden houses exude well-being both inside and out.

The expanded PyhäStore opens to the street level of Kultakero I, and its 200 square meters can accommodate all the best brands, clothing, accessories and small items for active nature. A new rental shop will also be located in Kultakero I, where in addition to skiing equipment, you will find mountain bikes and other equipment all year round. Kultakero II will be the location of a new atmospheric restaurant at street level.

The ski lockers are conveniently located on the Kultakero II's street level. The owners' warehouses and ski maintenance facilities for apartment owners and tenants can be found next to the rental shop in Kultakero I. At the hotel reception, a much-needed mini-market store opens, making it easy to get your basic needs in the apartment when you are thirsty or hungry.

Download Kultakero II-brochure (Finnish only)