Welcome to explore the novelties in Pyhä

An atmospheric fell village offering everything and only what you need will be constructed around the hotel in Pyhä. The hotel will receive a new wooden floor and two new wooden buildings with apartments, restaurants and services around the village square.

  • Novelties in Pyhä

    The largest MEUR 15 investments in Pyhä’s history; the major of which is Kultakero.

    Pyhä’s largest individual tourism investment in the last 20 years.

    The new 28 top-class hotel rooms will bring the Pyhä hotel to another size and class level.

    14 top-level Ski-Inn apartments to be sold with a Ski-Inn leasing obligation: a total of 200 new commercial beds.

    The project is carbon negative: the wooden frame alone binds 800 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which equals to the four years’ annual emissions of Pyhätunturi Oy.

  • Kultakero for customers

    Construction will be done in three phases, of which the timetable goal for Phase 1 for opening is Christmas 2022. We will announce the schedules for the next phases later.

    Renovation of the existing Hotel Pyhätunturi is also one of the next steps. When the whole complex is complete, the old hotel will become part of the new Kultakero hotel.

  • Number of rooms / apartments in the first phase

    18 hotel rooms for 2 people

    10 family rooms for 2 + 2 people, these rooms have a fully equipped kitchen, no own sauna

    4 136m2 Taivas-apartments with private jacuzzi, for 8 + 2 people

    8 55m2 Pore-apartments with private jacuzzi, for 5 people

    The restaurant, gym and sauna department connected to Hotel Pyhätunturi will also serve Kultakero's customers. The first phase rooms / apartments will be open for sale by the end of 2021 at the earliest.

  • PohjoisExpress-chairlift

    The new PohjoisExpress lift will carry 2,400 downhill skiers in an hour. It takes five minutes to reach the top, which means double the skiers in half the time when compared to the current T-bar lift. New lift is going to be located at Pyhä's Northern Slopes.

    See the location of the new PohjoisExpress-chairlift on the slope map.

  • PyhäLinna apartments

    Four new high-class Pyhälinna apartments to be completed in February 2022. A fully carbon-neutral accommodation alternative.

  • The European Regional Development Fund finances the NorthernExpress and Kultakero projects in terms of the hotel rooms owned by Pyhätunturi Oy. The support has not been applied for or granted to the apartments for sale.

The first phase of the fell village will be completed by Christmas 2022

The highest peak of Pyhätunturi is called Kultakero. The traditional Pyhä hotel opened its doors in 1966 under the same name. We are proudly re-introducing the old name by naming the new building to be completed next to the hotel by Christmas 2022 Kultakero 1. The most magnificent 14 scenery apartments of Kultakero 1 are already being advance marketed.

Pyhä Kultakero

Our partner is the experienced wood construction company Honkatalot. Honkatalot uses wood, construction materials with small carbon footprint and modern design in their buildings. A wooden house with a breathable structure has optimal indoor air and timber-framed houses radiate well-being inside and outside.

The extended PyhäStore with its 200 square metres of the most luxurious brands, clothes, accessories and small items for active nature enthusiasts will open its doors on Kultakero’s ground floor. You can also find the much-needed equipment store on Kultakero’s ground floor. The equipment rentals of the village, where you can find skis as well as mountain bikes and other equipment all year round, will also move into the building.

There are comfortable ski rooms, storages and maintenance premises for apartment owners and renters in connection with the equipment rental. The long-waited minimarket store, offering the basics for thirsty and hungry residents, will open its doors next to the hotel’s reception.

The traditional hotel will receive a new floor

After the Kultakero construction, the additional wooden floor for the hotel will be constructed. Residents can walk on a heated passageway from Kultakero to the hotel. In this way, Kultakero’s residents can go to the gym, restaurant or for a drink in the hotel bar without going outside.

The Kultakeron 2 phase in the northern part of the fell village next to the slopes, will be constructed after the new hotel floor.