New in Pyhä

The most remarkable novelty for winter season of 2018-2019 is the expansion of Family Adventure slopes and opening of a new Huttu-lift, which increases the lift capacity significantly and decreases the time spent in the lift line especially during busier seasons. In addition to new lift and slopes there are new routes through forest in Family Adventure that offer great possibilities for practising free riding. In the area there is also a new, aurora borealis themed graffiti house that is accessible with skis or a snowboard.  Family Adventure slopes also serve well international visitors who wish to try skiing for the first time.
The 2nd phase of Pyhälinna-project is underway. In addition to the three already opened Pyhälinna-apartments the next two buildings (D and E) will be available for visitors for Christmas 2019 and they will increase Pyhä’s Ski-Inn accommodation capacity with 50 beds. As a whole, 4M€ worth of investments has been put to the development of slopes and building accommodation.
One significant novelty is also re-numbering of the slopes. In the new order the slopes that begin at the top the numbering starts from the left making Kultakero slope number 1 and ending to number 8, Huttu-Ukko’s Adventure Slope in the Northern Slopes. For the lower slopes, the numbering goes as Family Adventure being 11 and ending to Kids Ski Area, slope number 16. The goal for re-numbering is to make it easier to remember the numbers of the slopes.
The newest experience at the peak of Pyhä is a large photo frame with a chair from the old chair lift attached to it. The frame is situated right next to the panorama deck.
A new charging station for electric cars has been opened next to hotel’s terrace. The use of the station will be free for visitors during the first season. There is also a station compatible with Tesla-vehicles
The biggest new event of the year is World Para Snowboard Championships that takes place 24.3-2.4.2019.
New Aurora Suites in Pyhä Asteli holiday village
10 new Aurora Suites will be ready for the winter season 2018-2019. Suites are  35 m2 in size and the back wall of the room, facing north, will be made out of glass. Suites are designed for the observation of the northern sky.  
Restaurant Tsokka at the top of Kultakero hill
For the winter season 2018-2019 restaurant Tsokka will have room for 120 customers. Restaurant Tsokka has almost doubled their capacity to accommodate customers.  Restaurant Tsokka operates in an eco-friendly way. They have their own solar power plant for the electricity and also use environmentally friendly ways for the heating system.
Lucky Ranch is expanding business to Lucky Ranch Saloon 
Lucky Ranch Saloon is located on a beautiful place next to lake Pyhäjärvi 10 min drive from Pyhä Ski Resort. There is also a traditional Finnish sauna. Lucky Ranch Saloon is perfect for private events such as birthdays, weddings, meetings etc. Night time it serves as a base camp for the guests that stay overnight in the snow igloos. Twice a week Lucky Ranch organizes sauna&dinner evenings. 
Aurora Alert real time alarm system can be activated to your smart phone or tablet. The system will give notification when the Aurora Borealis are visible in the sky. For the system to work it requires an Internet connection. Aurora Alert system uses it own local sensor in Pyhä area, so the notifications are quite exact and informative. The system will be in use November 2018 and it's free of charge for tourists in Pyhä.
Pyhä Igloos-apartments premiered in Pyhä last winter and are now ready for their first whole winter season. Pyhä Igloos consists of 7 apartments with partly glass seilings and are equipped with motor beds that are perfect for observing the arctic sky. Pyhä Igloos also has a jacuzzi and sauna for their guests. Pyhä Igloos are also renting out  a snowmobile drawn heated small cabin and ATV.
Visit to see the Santa Claus in Vuostimo
In a near by village of Vuostimo is possibility meet Santa Claus during winter 2018-2019. More information from Mr. Junnu Korpela,
Arctic North- new activity online shop 
Now you can book a wide range of activities in Pyhä straight and easily from the online shop.
Pyhä Online shops

Getting to Pyhä

Pyhätunturi is located within two municipalities: Pelkosenniemi and Kemijärvi. The nearest airport is in Rovaniemi and it takes 1 h 45 min to drive to Pyhä. Nearest train stations are at Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi. There are good SkiBus connections from the airport and the train stations. It's easy to access Pyhä - whether you come by your own car or by public transportation.

  • By plane

    Fly to Rovaniemi airport and continue to Pyhä with SkiBus.

  • By train

    Arrive to Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi train station and continue to Pyhä with SkiBus.

  • By Bus

    SkiBus transfers people daily to Pyhäfrom Rovaniemi train station and airport. During winter season SkiBus drives 4 times a day and during summer season 2 times a day.

    Check the timetables

  • By Car

    Hop in to a car and drive through E75 or E63 road to reach Pyhä.