New in Pyhä

Family Adventure
The Family Adventure slope area was renovated for last winter and this season the development continues. At the national park's side of the new Huttu-lift there will be a new hut with large windows and a fireplace. Next to the new hut there will also be a new sledding hill and a carousel sleigh. Also the nearby graffiti house with its aurora borealis paintings has been renovated.
Huttu-ukko's art route on the top of Pyhä
Feel the Peak Experience was given a new attraction during the fall, as Huttu-ukko's art route has opened to the top of Pyhä. The art route consists of wooden sculptures made by a local artist Tapio Uusitalo. The art pieces are impressive due to their amazing landscape in the background, large size and small detail, making them especially nice for taking pictures. On the route there are also possibly the finest swings in Finland. During winter season the sculptures will be wearing their snowy winter suits. The route is accessible by both walking and skiing. Get to know the Feel the Peak Experience at
Antti Autti's freeriding trips for juniors
The first freeriding session for juniors hosted by Antti Autti was held during last winter holidays. This season the sessions will take place again during winter holidays, as Antti takes the juniors with him to get to know free riding around Pyhä's lift powder areas. These sessions have no age limitations, but basic skills riding slopes and going up with a t-bar lift are required. During these trips Antti shows good and easy places to learn free riding basics around Pyhä. Both skiers and snowboarders are welcomed to attend. The registration opens later, and it will be informed on Pyhä's website and social media channels.
Huttu-ukko Challenge to become a part of The Original Free'kend
Pyhä's free riding event concept renovates for oncoming season. Formerly an event for younger riders – Junior Free'kend – will now become a part of The Original Freekend thus making the event open for the whole family. In addition the competition schedule changes, as Huttu-ukko Challenge that debuted last year replaces the Joker Ride -contest. The unmaintained Huttu-ukko slope and the tree ride area around it will provide excellent conditions for a free riding contest. New hut at the bottom of the slope will make the contest great also for spectators. The legendary Aittakuru freeriding contest will still stay in the event schedule, of course.  
The new Pyhälinna -apartments
The second phase of Pyhälinna-project is in progress. The two new Pyhälinna’s (D & E) will increase Pyhä Ski-Inn's capacity with 50 beds and they will be available for customers for Christmas 2019. Pyhä is adventures in the slopes and in the national park. Experience Pyhä, it is an experience that has a long-lasting impact.
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Getting to Pyhä

Pyhätunturi is located within two municipalities: Pelkosenniemi and Kemijärvi. The nearest airport is in Rovaniemi and it takes 1 h 45 min to drive to Pyhä. Nearest train stations are at Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi. There are good SkiBus connections from the airport and the train stations. It's easy to access Pyhä - whether you come by your own car or by public transportation.

  • By plane

    Fly to Rovaniemi airport and continue to Pyhä with SkiBus.

  • By train

    Arrive to Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi train station and continue to Pyhä with SkiBus.

  • By Bus

    SkiBus transfers people daily to Pyhäfrom Rovaniemi train station and airport. During winter season SkiBus drives 4 times a day and during summer season 2 times a day.

    Check the timetables

  • By Car

    Hop in to a car and drive through E75 or E63 road to reach Pyhä.