The Fatbike Downhill Experience in Pyhä


Let the ski lift pull you on a fatbike to the top of a slope and then enjoy the fun and speedy ride down with a Bliss Adventure guide! This only-in-Pyhä-Lapland activity is well-suited for mountain bike riders from moderate to expert level.

The Fatbike Downhill Experience in another unique Bliss Adventure activity in Pyhä, Lapland. It starts by a Bliss guide instructing the safe basics how to keep riding on snowy downhills controlled and very much fun. He or she will also share advice how to use the ski lift the easy way on a bicycle, including how to enter and how to exit it. Then the guide will choose the right size fatbikes for all the keen riders and guide the guests to the ski lift.

Fatbikes are basically standard mountain bikes with massive tyres, that will provide a lot comfort and grip on snow. Fatbikes are so much more agile than they appear!

Next the guide will ask the riders to follow him or her to the slope, which is located just some tens of meters away. The guide will show an example how to join the ski lift smoothly. Once all the riders have reached the rather mellow top of the slope, guide will explain and show how to ride down the groomed section with some gentle kickers and other exciting snowy features. Then it's the yee-haws time, let's ride!

There will be also skiers and snowboarders sharing some of the slope with the fatbike riders. This is not an issue at all, more the merrier, since there will be plenty of room for everyone. Bliss guide will make sure to instruct properly how to keep it fun, how to avoid any undesired situations during the activity.

During the two hours duration of the activity riders will have multiple runs down, getting every time an effortless ski lift ascent up the hill.

Just hop on the saddle and enjoy the ride, a fresh windchill on your face!

The Fatbike Downhill Experience video in YouTube (sorry folks, Finnish only):


€69 / person
Duration 2 hours
Price includes: guiding, premium fatbike, helmet, ski goggles or cycling goggles, downhill riding technique tips and instructions how use the ski lift
A ski pass (€40,50/€34.50) is not included to the price.
Group size 2-10 persons