Full day forest skis adventure...


Forest skis are the traditional method of traveling in Scandinavia and northern Russia. They have been used for thousands of years, and are still part of the finish soldiers basic gear. The skis we use nowadays in "Arctic Horizons ltd" are just the modern evolution of those skis. They are actually a mix between skis and snowshoes, are relatively short, and are coming with universal cross country skis bindings (you can use them with regular hiking boots). Forest skis are meant to be used off tracks, so we make our own route ! Alone in the wild...

The full day skiing trip will take us deep into Luosto back country. This trip will take place in the Pyhä-Luosto national park and its breath-taking arctic sceneries. We will visit vast frozen swamps and their beautiful landscapes, pristine boreal forest, and as we stay mostly off-tracks, we have pretty good chances to see some wildlife... You can book this trip all winter long, but I particularly recommend it towards the end of the winter season (from beginning April onwards), when we can find this very hard snow crust in the morning, making skiing a dream.

For lunch, we will have a good meal around the fire in a forest camp. ( Soup, grilled meat or fish, washed down by a glass of delicious crowberry wine, and a pastry and hot drink for the dessert ). there will also be some snacks during the day.

The skiing distance can vary a lot depending on the snow condition and the time of the year, but it can be anything from 12 to 20 km.

Duration : 6 hours+

Includes: private guide service, skiing gear, full meal around the fire and snacks during the day.

Price: 230€+70€/person (370€ for 1 or 2 participants, 440€ for 3, 510€ for 4...)

IMPORTANT : For more information about our forest skis, visit our website www.arctic-horizons.com (winter programs>forest skis activities>what are forest skis), you will also see how to combine 2 activities in the same day, and find a lot of other useful information : when/how to find northern lights, what kind of clothes to wear during the Lappish winter, What are the different Lappish winters...

I speak English, French, and German.

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