Old villages by the rivers of the Pelkosenniemi

Wed 7.12.2022

The most beautiful villages and landscapes in Eastern Lapland can be seen during this historical tour. They are villages Suvanto, Kairala, Luiro, Pelkosenniemi and Pyhäjärvi.
After the sightseeing in historical village of Suvanto we will drive through the wilderness to the next famous villages Kairala and Luiro where you can enjoy peaceful and charming athmosphere. In the center of Pelkosenniemi, you will hear also interesting information about Winter War in Eastern Lapland (y.1939).
After coffeebreak we will do short sightseeing via old woodchurch continuing to the village of Pyhäjärvi where you can see a great landscape from the Pyhä-Luosto national park. During our sightseeing, spectacular rivers - Kitinen, Luirojoki and Kemijoki - are flowing around us.

See more: www.en.kairankutsu.fi/villages