Rappeling Down the Ice Wall in Pyhä-Luosto


Activity information:

  • 82€ / person, 112€ / person from Luosto.
  • Duration: 3 hours in Pyhä (with transportation from Luosto 4 hours).
  • Number of participants: Minimum of 4 clients.
  • Season: December–April
  • Bookings: As per agreement
  • Minimum age: 14 years (flexible)
  • Price includes: Rappelling instructor services, rappelling gearfor the activity: helmet, visor/goggles, harness, crampons, footwear(climbing boots or ski boots). Hot berry beverages.

Rappelling down a rope from the top of the Tajukangas Ice Fall at Pyhä, roughly 30 meters ice wall.

Description, in Luosto:
The clients will get collected from Luosto at the agreed time. Bliss representative will drive theclients to Pyhä (20 kilometers, 20 minutes). Another option is to take the Skibus from Hotel Luostotunturi either at 10:50 or 15:25. After arrival in Pyhä the guide will equip the clients with the relevant gear. Then, as described below. After rappelling session clients will get driven back.

Description, in Pyhä:
Bliss' guide will wait for the clients at the agreed time at the reception of Hotel Pyhätunturi. After meet & greet Bliss' guide will equip the clients with the relevant gear at the near-by Bliss' premises (Incl. climbing boots). Then the clients will get guided to the rappelling venue, Tajukangas, a 10 minute walk from Hotel Pyhätunturi. The instructor takes the clients along a marked route to a safe spot on top of the ice fall. The instructor calls the clients one at a time to the rappel spot, and then shows the correct rappelling technique to the client. The client will get to control the rappelling by him/herself, the Bliss' guide belaying, securing the activity all the time.

Once down, the client unties from the rope and waits the others safely by the fire, where he/she is protected from possibly falling ice. After everyone is down, it is time to relax together by the warmth of the fire, sipping hot berry beverages, and listening the guides' stories about ice or mountain climbing, or discuss together the very meaning of life.