Kid's Ice Climbing Adventure in Pyhä-Luosto


Activity information:

  • 93€ / person, 123€ / person from Luosto.
  • Duration 2,5 hours at Pyhä, 4 hours from Luosto.
  • Number of participants 1 to 8 clients.
  • Season December–April.
  • Bookings: At the latest 24 hours before the activity
  • Minimum age 5 years old (depends on child’s development, to be agreed with parents)
  • Price includes: Climbing instructor'a services, climbing gear for children, hot berry beverages and storytelling


Now even the younger ones can join the climbing safely and playfully!

Suitable climbing experience also and especially for the kids (with their parents or guardians). Ice climbing wall offers tailored safe routes for the smaller climbers, where the ice axes nor crampons are not a must for a successful experience of climbing. Easy access tothe climbing venue, roughly a 10 minute walk for Hotel Pyhätunturi. Perhaps footprints or some other signs of the infamous Tajukangas Yeti can be found on the snow...

A Bliss guide will wait for the clients at the CAMP Kitchen & Bar. After the meet & greet a Bliss' guide will equip the clients with the relevant gear at the Bliss' premises near-by. For the children’s' climbing routes climbing boots are not a must. Then a guide will take the clients to Tajukangas ice wall and lavvu. Team Bliss has created a suitable climbing route to kids at Tajukangas. It is not necessary to be able to manoeuvre ice axes or the sometimes heavy-appearing crampons to climb this route. The route offers a fair number of holds for hands and feet. A qualified Bliss instructor will belay also the kid climbers, who will use a climbing helmet (which will not only make the activity safer, but also will give the little climber right kind of spirit).

A guide will supervise the children's activity and go through all the necessary safety aspects, and share some wild stories about the history of Tajukangas and it's mysterious habitats. There will be hot berry beverages available for all the adventurers throughout the evening. A memorable diploma will be handed out to all the small adventurers.