Introduction to the northern lights


Delve deep into the science and myths of the Aurora Borealis – and embark on a hunt to see the phenomenon

This night is all about the Northern Lights. Before the actual hunt for this natural phenomena, you will learn about the Auroras in a multimedia show. A local skilled Northern Lights guide will lead you through ancient beliefs and myths to the latest scientific truth. You'll also be able to listen to real radio signals from space at the same time as you enjoy nature's most magnificent light show.

Later in the evening, it’s time to start gazing into the sky. Your guide will give you the current Northern Lights forecast and take you to the route leading to Ahvenlampi. On the way, a suitable spot with an open view to the Northern skies will be chosen, ideal for photography. Hot drinks are available by the campfire.

Starting point for the programme at Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi reception.

Thermal overalls available if needed.