Premium Ice Climbing


Activity information:

  • 159€ / person, 189€ / person from Luosto.
  • Duration 4 hours at Pyhä, 5 hours from Luosto.
  • Number of participants 1 to 8 clients.
  • Season December–April
  • Bookings As per agreement
  • Minimum age: 12 years

Climbing activities customized to the level of experience and skill of the client. Suitable for beginners who are eager to climb a lot, and for those who already have some experience and wish to push their skills and knowledge to the next level. The instructor takes the clients beyond a simple trial into the world of ice climbing, with an introduction to different climbing techniques and a possibility for several ascents per client, depending on each person’s strength and stamina.

Description, in Luosto:

The clients will get collected from Luosto at the agreed time. Bliss representative will drive the clients to Pyhä (20 kilometers, 30 minutes). Then, as described below.

Description, in Pyhä:

Bliss' guide will wait for the clients at the agreed time at the CAMP Kitchen & Bar. After meet & greet Bliss' guide will equip the clients with the relevant gear at the near-by Bliss' premises (Incl. climbing boots). Then the clients will get guided to the climbing venue, Tajukangas, a 10 minute walk from Hotel Pyhätunturi.

At Tajukangas there will a bonfire, hot berry juice and the necessary set up for climbing, for example ready set climbing ropes. The climbing instructor will tell clearly about the safety factors, and then take one client at a time to climb safely on top rope, belaying the climber and advising her/him on climbing techniques. Possibility to enter into more developed techniques within client's capabilities. While waiting for their respective turn, clients can cheer for and photograph the climber.

Between the climbs it is time to relax together by the warmth of the fire, enjoy nutritious yet light meal and listen the stories about ice climbing, arctic nature and such. The instructor may share some wild stories from climbing trips around the world.