Northern lights at Pyhä-Luosto -campfire and photographing

Thu 1.12.2022

Northern lights at Pyhätunturi and Luosto area are possible to see from September all the way to April. The velvet blue sky, the moon and the stars provides unforgettable setting on our tours that takes you looking for the mesmerizing Northern lights.

We provide three different northern lights tours:

  • Searching with car were is best possibilities to see northern lights
  • Easy walk to a traditional fireplace in Arctic sky and Northern lights photographing tour
  • Excitement with snowshoes or cross-country skis to wilderness

In our Northern lights car tour. We will go to a place with no light pollution with best possibilities in that night to see northern lights. We will make campfire in wilderness, roast sausages and tell you about Auroras. Our guide will help with camera settings and take pictures for you.

Before the tour we will plan our destinations carefully by checking local weather forecast in Pyhä-Luosto, cloudiness and space data that we will have best possibilities to see Northern lights.

Our guide will tell you interesting facts about Northern lights, Lappish nature and history. The tour also consists information how to photograph northern lights and our guide will help you with settings.

2-8 persons
Including campfire, sausages and hot drinks
Duration 3,5 hours
Bookings one day in advance by 3 pm