Somewhere under the Northern Lights...


Every year, there are between 150 and 200 nights with northern lights above Luosto (meaning around 50% chance per evening ! ). But, because of the high altitude of this unique sky phenomenon, it can be observed only by a cloudless evening. For this reason, you just have to check the weather forecast of the coming days (as well as some northern lights forecast websites, such as : or auroras now), and when you have decided, you contact me to book this program until 18.00 of the very same day (booking by phone only if on the same day) !

If you want to hike, we put the snowshoes on, and we go to the national park to find the best spots for enjoying this magical experience in the middle of the arctic wilderness. If you prefer a program without snowshoeing, we'll go by car to a nice open shelter, where we can wait for the northern light around the fire. In both case, we'll have warm drinks and some cookies to eat during the evening. A small surprise will close this nice evening! ( Off course, you can also book this program if the sky is cloudy! night snowshoeing is really fun, animals are more active in the evening, and weather changes so fast in Lapland that there is always some hope ! )

Duration: 3hours (from 20.00 to 23.00) available only TUE, THUR, SAT, and SUN.

Price: 130€+35€/person (200€ for 1 or 2 participants, 235€ for 3, 270€ for 4)

Includes: Hot beverage and cookies/pastry, snowshoeing equipment, head lights, a small bubbly surprise.

NB : Visit our website , you will see how to combine 2 activities in the same day, and find a lot of other useful information : when/how to find northern lights, what kind of clothes to wear during the Lappish winter, What are the different Lappish winterS...

I speak : English, French, and German

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