Wilderness Skiing in Pyhä-Luosto National Park and Altai Ski Rental


Activity information:

  • Duration: Classic Wilderness Skiing 2,5 hours, Premium Wilderness Skiing 4 hours
  • Number of participants: 2 to 12 clients
  • Season: December–April
  • Bookings: At the latest 24 hours before the activity

Wilderness skiing could be the most authentic and genuine activity to join in the whole of Lapland, Finland. To ski through the unbroken snow in the depth of the forest is something what the local people have done for several thousands of years since the first settlers, the indigenous Forest Sami people. They used the skis for example when they went on hunting or fishing tours. It was simply the only mean of individual transportation when the region got blanketed with meter or more of snow.

The current wilderness skis and ski poles are very easy to manoeuvre and perfect for the absolute beginner, too. The skis are wide and short, making them a good bit different from the more sporty Nordic Skiing equipment, which work the best on ready-made ski tracks. No skiing experience is required to enjoy wilderness skiing safely in forest. This activity suits the whole family with children of seven years of age and above (if in doubt as a parent, please contact the Bliss Adventure customer service).

Classic Wilderness Skiing, €82 / person:

The Classic Wilderness Skiing Tour lasts 2,5 hours. Not a snowshoe nor a traditional long back country ski – but a cross-breed with best of the both worlds. A wide, short, agile ski makes it easy to travel across thick snowfields. No previous skiing experience required for enjoying gliding across the puffy snowfields.

Exploring arctic forest was never so easy and effortless.

Premium Wilderness Skiing, €159 / person

The Premium option lasts 4 hours and includes a light yet nutritious meal by the bonfire, in the forest.

Price includes

Both options include guiding, story telling, all the relevant rental equipment for skiing and even hot berry beverages, the regional favourite.



€30 / Day
€70 / 3 Days
€110 / 5 Days
Altai skis, poles, quick skiing instructions, map and route recommendation.
Thermos with hot berry beverage can be rented separately for €5 per 0.75L thermos