Pyhä Backcountry


Freeriding areas in Pyhä and surrroundings are the most unmatched in the Finnish scale.There are seven distinctive freeriding areas in the proximity of the fell and the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. These offer challenging skiing even for the most experienced skiers. Find your own favorite areas or check out the Pyhä Backcountry guided tours from the Pyhä Ski School.

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  • Snow Safety By Antti Autti

Freeriding opportunities at Pyhä are incomparable on Finland’s scale. Seven different freeriding areas in close proximity of the fell and the Pyhä-Luosto national park offer challenges even for the well-experienced rider. Find your own favourite area or explore freeriding on a guided tour.

Pyhä’s freeriding areas have been divided into seven areas, which are situated on the different sides of the fell. Some areas are located in Pyhä-Luosto national park area, so you are kindly reminded to respect the national park and obey the area specific rules and restrictions on where to go.

Before heading to backcountry, it is important to check the current conditions. The Finnish meteorological institute (Ilmatieteenlaitos) compiles an avalanche forecast for Pyhä-Luosto area, which shows the probability of an avalanche on a five-step scale. 


Collaboration between Pyhä and snowboarder Antti Autti brings Pyhä Backcountry areas into the Antti’s films and video series.


The Pyhä ski school’s guided tours

Pyhä Extreme –backcountry treks were extremely popular in the 1990s when freeriding was making its breakthrough in the fells of Lapland. Now you can again access the most amazing backcountry routes with a guide. We offer the following freeride courses and treks: 

Pyhä's nearby off-piste routes

Get to know off-piste riding in the guidance of the Ski School. We ride nearby off-piste runs that are accessible with ski lifts and learn freeriding techniques.

Get to know rando

Introducing rando-skiing and the nearby routes of Ukonhattu safely in the guidance of Pyhätunturi’s Ski School.

Freeriding treks in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

On this trek you will get to know the rounds and gorges from a close distance and experience the landscapes of Noitatunturi and Ukonhattu fells. You will find the safe riding routes in the guidance of Pyhätunturi Ski School.

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