Pyhä Backcountry

Finest backcountry riding in Finland

Freeriding areas in Pyhä and surrroundings are the most unmatched in the Finnish scale.There are seven distinctive freeriding areas in the proximity of the fell and the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. These offer challenging skiing even for the most experienced skiers. Find your own favorite areas or check out the Pyhä Backcountry guided tours from the Pyhä Ski School.

  • Explore the terrain

    Inspect the snow conditions

    Check out the safety and other gears

Pyhä Backcountry has been divided into seven freeride areas, which are located in different parts of the fell. Some of the areas are located in the Pyhä-Luosto National Park area, so do not forget to act respectful and follow the rules and restrictions of the National Park. 

Before heading to Pyhä Backcountry it is important to explore the prevailing conditions and the weather forecast. 

More information about the freeride areas and the weather conditions can be obtained from the Pyhä Ski School and Pyhä Rental Shops.