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Frequently asked questions

What payments methods can I use?

You can pay with Visa or MasterCard, via Finnish Netbank accounts or MobilePay. Epass or Smartum vouchers and Finnair Plus -points can only be used at our ticket service counter.

Webstore does not approve my KeyCard number, what should I do?

You can upload your ski pass to Key Card that has digits starting with numbers 01-, 25- or 30. Make sure to fill in the digits correctly. If you have a KeyCard that starts with these numbers but our webstore can’t validate it, you need to purchase new KeyCard from the webstore or from the ticket service counter.

Please note, that you can NOT purchase ski pass to a KeyCard that has digits starting with numbers 08, 8, 14- or 29. If you have a KeyCard starting with numbers 25, you can not use it if the card is already in use for some other ski pass (e.g. season ski pass for some other ski resort).

I uploaded the ski pass to an existing KeyCard of my own. Can I go straight to the slopes?

Yes you can. If you were successful in filling the KeyCard digits with the purchase of the ski pass, you don’t need to activate the ski pass on the ticket service counter. Your ski pass is ready to use on the date of your selection.

I rented ski equipment from the webstore. How do I pick them up at the RentalStore?

Our staff has selected the right sized equipment for you to the webstore pick up point, so you don’t have to go in the usual waiting line when arriving to the Rental Store. Please return the equipment to the same Rental Store where you picked them up.

Where can I pick up the equipment I have rented online?

We have e-Rental pick-up desks in Pyhä Lower Rental Shop or Pyhä Upper Rental Shop.

Why do you ask my skill level when renting equipment online?

We want to know your skill level, because it determinates what kind of equipment is the most suitable for your needs. We have quality equipment for all skill levels, so keep in mind that expert’s equipment might not be the best choise for a beginner.
Why do you want to know my weight?

When renting equipment, we need your weight information so we can adjust the din-levels right for your skis so your day on the slopes is as smooth as possible. If you don’t know the exact numbers, give us your best estimation. We will re-adjust the skis if needed.

What if I rent equipment online and the boots are not the right fit?

We recommend choosing a size that you normally use in your everyday shoes – there’s no need to leave extra room for in the boots, so you get the best support on the slopes. Try the ski /snowboard boots on when picking up the equipment – if it is not the right size, we will find you a better fit. The sizes are in Euro and in centimeters.

Terms of Delivery


We follow the contract terms and conditions for ski resort services agreed upon by the Finnish ski area association and the consumer ombudsman, which can be found here.

If you have purchased a Season Ski Pass, the pass needs to be personally collected from one of the Pyhä's Rental Shops.

Please note that the ski pass is personal and therefore is not to be handed over for another person to use. In case the ski pass is used by someone else than its valid holder, a penalty fee of 150€ will be charged.


1) Customer has to return the rental equipment to the same rental shop where he/she has collected the equipment.

2) Change or cancellation of equipment: If customer has already rented the equipment, we make changes or cancellations to the rental agreement only in force majeure events or in case of sickness. We apply the same terms and conditions to online rental as for in-shop rental. See terms here.


Gift card will be delivered unnamed to the designated address. Delivery time is usually 3 weekdays from the order (no additional postage fees are charged).

Gift card should be presented at the checkout before the payment. Gift card is a valid payment method in following offices with the exception of the online shop.

Offices at Pyhä: Pyhä Lower Rental Shop, Pyhä Upper Rental Shop and accommodations (hotel rooms, Holysuites and Ski-Inn accommodation).

Offices at Ruka:RukaStorePiste Rental ShopVuosselinPortti Rental Shop, Masto ticket sale (open on weeks 8-10 and during Easter holidays), Ruka ski school and Ski-Inn accommodation.

Gift card must be used by the last valid day marked on the card (one year from the mailing day). Gift card can be used as a payment method as long as it has valid balance. Please note that when paying with the gift card no change is returned in cash. Once the value of gift card is spent, the salesperson will take over the card.

All the gift cards are numbered. In case the recipient won’t receive the designated gift card by mail, service provider should be informed (phone number +358 400 101 605). In this case, all the previously sent gift cards will be invalidated and replaced with new ones.


We follow the contract terms and conditions for ski resort services agreed upon by the Finnish ski area association and the consumer ombudsman, which can be found here.

People entitled to use the business card are the representatives and personnel of the company/community and the residents of the community’s holiday cottage or apartment. The business card will be delivered either by mail or it can be collected from one of the Pyhä Ski Resort's offices Pyhä Lower Rental ShopPyhä Upper Rental Shop 

Inquiries concerning business cards: PyhäBooking, +358 8 8600 400,


Suomen Hiihtokeskusyhdistys r.y. (the Finnish Ski Area Association, FSAA; hereinafter referred to as “SHKY”) and the Consumer Ombudsman have agreed upon the following Terms of Delivery regarding Downhill Skiing Services. Read more >