Pyhä Feel the Peak Experience

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You do not need to travel to space to enjoy space – Explore the top of Pyhä

PyhäExpress, 6-seater chairlift with see-through cover is a fast and comfortable way to get up on top of the fell with or without skis. The top offers a lot of things to see and exprerience for pedestrians as well. Hop on the chairlift, breathe in the vast natural scenery and let your eye explore the wilderness of Finnish Lapland. Trip to Pyhä is not complete if you haven’t seen the vistas from the top of the fell, right next to Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

You can choose to take the lift up and after adventuring on the top you can travel back down by PyhäExpress chairlift or alternatively walk the Feel the Peak -route all the way down. The walking route down is approximately three kilometers long.

On the top you can enjoy a break in Restaurant Tsokka or in the warmth of Panorama hut. You can also book different wintery activities along the route, such as snowshoe walking, fatbiking or iceclimbing or try the sledding hill located on top (available in high seasons, otherwise to groups with pre-booking only). Download the Feel the Peak map here>.

Get to know the opportunities of Feel the Peak and buy your ticket to a reusable Keycard from online store. You can also buy the ticket as a printable barcode ticket from the vending machine, Pyhä Lower Rental Shop (Family ticket only available from Lower Rental Shop), Upper Rental Shop or Hotel Pyhätunturi reception.

Scenic lift operates during regular opening hours.

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Huttu-ukko art route

Huttu-ukko art route is the newest addition to the Feel the Peak Experience. Located right next to PyhäExpress -scenic lift and Restaurant Tsokka, the art route has been implemented in co-operation with a local artist Tapio Uusitalo and Pyhä Ski Resort. The majority of the works in the park are based on the history, lifestyle, myths and beliefs in the area.

During the implementation of the art pieces the change of seasons has been taken in consideration. As the winter comes, snow covers the works in its white glow, until the spring sun melts the snow, revealing the works for the viewers. Due to their large size and location the works are really impressive. We wish you pleasant moments on the Huttu-ukko art route!

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Feel the Peak - Map


PyhäExpress chairlift serves skiers and snowboarders as well as pedestrians. One chairlift unit has 6 seats and the lift slows down in bottom and top stations to make it easy for passengers to get on and off. Travel time to the top is roughly 4 minutes and the see-through cover protects passengers from wind and snow. The lift staff is happy to offer help and advice if needed.

360-scenery pavilion

The scenery pavilion on the top of Pyhä was built in Summer 2017 and it offers beautiful vistas to the surrounding nature and to Pyhä-Luosto National Park. The pavilion also has a panorama picture that offers more information about the surrounding landmarks and biggest fells.

Waffles in Restaurant Tsokka

The renown waffles in Restaurant Tsokka are a great choice to enjoy whilst adventuring on the top. Choose sweet jams made of local berries with whipped cream or go for salty version with reindeer or ham to go with the waffle. Restaurant also serves lunch daily from 11 am to 4 pm.

Did you know that the word ”tsokka” is sami and means ”the top of the fell”?

Reindeers in Huttu Adventure Route

After visiting the top, Feel the Peak Experience can be extended by taking a walk back down instead of taking the lift. On the route down there are plenty to see, for example the reindeers on Huttu Adventure Route. The route can be found from the west side of Northern slopes, along the slope number 6. Find the reindeer paddock along the route and go say hi to friendly reindeers.


Designated fireplaces in Pyhä-Luosto National Park and Pyhä Ski Resort are the only places visitors are allowed to make fire. You can find maintained fireplaces from Fell Guardian’s scenery hut, from the lean-to in Huttu Adventure Route, Tajukangas and from the bottom of Family Slopes. Fire places in Pyhä-Luosto National Park can be seen here.

Snow monsters

The frosty snow starts to cover the trees up in the fell right when the first sub-zero temperatures arrive and the warm and moist air starts to rise from the valley to the top of the fell. Photographers especially are mesmerized by these fairytale-like snow monsters and the different shapes and sizes the snow creates around the trees. The best thing is that this nature’s own art show looks a bit different every day!

Photo opportunities

Pyhä fell offers so many opportunities for photographing the changing landscape and and the surrounding nature. Capture the snow monsters, halos around the sun on a frosty winter day, the colourful sunsets or the many fun activites on the top. Camera is a must-have accessory for Feel the Peak!


Pyhä’s activity center Tajukangas offers fire place, toilet, outdoor restaurant (open only in special events or with pre-booking, inquires Bliss Adventure), ice climbing wall and Pieps-snow safety training field. Photographers will find several rock formations of slate from Tajukangas.

Ice climbing

The maintenance road from the top will lead the adventurer to Tajukangas activity center. Ice climbing tours can be booked from Bliss Adventure.


Pyhä slopes and Pyhä-Luosto National Park offers many marked winter biking routes and with the wide tyres of FatBike it’s easy to get around even on the snow.

FatBike rentals and tours can be booked from Bliss Adventure.

Experience the award-winning ski slopes and renowned freeskiing areas of Pyhä Ski Resort

Pyhä is The Ski Resort of the Year 2017 in Finland.

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