You’ve got to start freeriding somewhere and Pyhä is just the place for that

Pyhä offers the finest freeriding opportunities in Finland for both beginners and well-experienced riders. Discover the magic of freeriding and beauty of powder snow – only one lift trip away!

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Variety of fun

Pyhä is the best place in Finland to try freeriding for the first time. The fell also offers first-rate lines for more experienced riders. The fell’s off-piste runs and backcountry areas ensure endless fun for everyone! Pyhä Ski School’s freeriding courses and treks guide you to the freeriding opportunities of the ski resort and the national park of Pyhä-Luosto. Find your own winter adventure in the backcountry with other riders and experts during our Free’kend freeriding events.

Amazing runs and effortless ways to the top

Freeriding days don’t always have to be burdened by tiring trudging and long hiking. At Pyhä, you will find accessible freeriding routes right next to the lifts and slopes. Pyhä’s freeriding rental shop makes sure that all riders find suitable, high-quality equipment for riding and snow safety. The only thing you need to pack is your spirit for adventure!

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Guide for Pyhä off-Piste area

  1. Riding outside the maintained slopes is always at your own risk. Please make sure you have required skills, knowledge and equipment.
  2. Do not ride alone. Familiarize yourself with the off-piste area in advance on Pyhä's freeriding page.
  3. Before going to off-piste area, tell someone where you are going and when you are going to return. Also let them know when you have safely returned.
  4. Pay special attention to the terrain, trees, stones, tree stumps, lift poles and other structures while riding in off-piste area.
  5. Do not ski in off-piste area when it’s dark. There is no lighting outside the maintained slopes.
  6. Take the avalanche forecast into consideration and observe if you are moving in avalanche terrain. Local avalanche forecast and information about the avalanche education courses:
  7. Make sure you have a mobile phone and snow safety gear (transceiver, shovel and probe) with you. Also, make sure they work properly and you know how to use them. Always wear a helmet.
  8. Do not hesitate to turn around if you feel unsure . Ask for more information from the ski patrol or ski school where you’ll also find guided backcountry trips
  9. Consider also other people traveling in off-piste area.
  10. In the event of injury or accident, contact emergency telephone number 112. We recommend that you download the app 112 Suomi before heading to the backcountry.

Do not go beyond the boundaries. For example, the areas of Isokuru and Peurakero have restrictions. For information on restricted areas, contact Visitor Centre Naava: 0206 639 7302 or

Also respect the nature; do not break branches or move rocks around. Do not litter. Bring back everything you take into the fell.

We encourage you to contact Pyhä Ski School if you are interested in the backcountry but are unfamiliar with the area.

Snow safety

Go to Snow safety and avalanche forecast here

Before you head for the backcountry, make sure you know the prevailing conditions. The Finnish Meteorological Institute prepares an avalanche forecast for the area of Pyhä-Luosto. The forecast shows the likelihood of avalanches on a five-step scale.

Go to Snow safety at Pyhä here.

Check Antti Autti’s tips for Pyhä’s backcountry here

Pyhä’s off-piste runs and the national park’s backcountry areas

The classic nearby off-piste run of Pyhä is Jackson. This vast forest area is located between the borderline of the Old chairlift and Isokuru.

The area above the hotel can be found between the slopes Huttu-Ukko and Piste Palander and it is very easy to access. The fresh snow offers plenty of great opportunities for riders. However, riders must be careful when approaching the area beyond the tree line, since the terrain may be stony.

Saunakuru is situated next to the Blue slope. Saunakuru is a perfect place for practising drops of various sizes, but the run ends to the rock and ice walls of Tajukangas. Therefore, riders must get up from the gorge to the right (from the rider’s viewpoint) in good time.

The backside of Saunakuru offers many kinds of runs. Nearby Tajukangas, the runs are rather rocky, but they have fewer drops closer to the North slopes. You can access the backside of Saunakuru by climbing the wall opposite the first bottom of Saunakuru.

Aittakuru is the most challenging nearby off-piste run at Pyhä. Aittakuru offers a wide range of runs, but riders must watch out for rocks and the snowcaps on top of the gorge. The gorge is steep and is no place for beginners. The easiest way to reach Aittakuru is to ride down the Red North slope, turn to the maintenance road and cross the road into the gentle forest stand.

The national park has many routes. The basic route runs via Karhujuomalampi’s day hut to Ukonhattu (Kakkonen). If you are looking for a longer route, you can turn right at Pikkukuru, located between Kakkonen and Kolmonen (Noitatunturi). Ask for detailed tips and guided backcountry trips from Pyhätunturi Ski School.

Get to know Pyhä's freeriding routes from the videos below.

Free'kend freeriding events

Finland’s most versatile freeriding weekends happen at Pyhä. Free’kends include riding in the back country, learning about snow safety and enjoying the atmosphere at Pyhä. Free’kend weekends are also perfect for beginning your freeriding hobby. This year, Pyhä bAAnked hosted by Antti Autti is also organised for the second time. This event takes riders to the best parts of Pyhä’s slopes and nearby areas.

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Pyhä bAAnked (Finnish)

Pyhä Ski School's slope adventures

Adventures are for everyone regardless of age, which is why Pyhä offers activities related to freeriding and fell skills to both children and adults. On freeriding days, you can learn to freeride, get to know the off-piste runs, and practise the use of pagers. On adventure days, the little ones get to practise their adventure skills, such as reading a compass and terrain maps and tying knots. Most of the slope adventures are included in the price of a ski pass. Buying ski passes beforehand saves you time and money.

Get to know slope adventures (Finnish)

Pyhä x Antti Autti

Pyhä and snowboarder Antti Autti’s cooperation brings Pyhä’s freeriding areas to Autti’s video series Statements. Short film Pyhä Backcountry is the third and final part of the second season of Statements.

No need to ride alone in Pyhä

Riding at Pyhä is always better with a friend, both on the slopes and in the backcountry. All Pyhä visitors can join our Facebook group. You can seek for riding or trekking company via the group.

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