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Master Plans are the base for development

Master Plans for Pyhä and Luosto resorts were done in co-operation with Canadian company called Ecosign Mountain Planners Ltd. Master Plans supports sustainable development. The main point is the development of intimate pedestrian villages with a human scale, located at the heart of the resorts. The Hot Bed approach ensures all beds in the core region are in commercial use all year round. Other important ingredients are the ski in – ski out real estate principle used in the planning of most holiday cottage areas and the balance between different activities and functions.

Green Destination Management Net was the start towards sustainability in Pyhä-Luosto

Since the region of Pyhä-Luosto joined the Green Destination Management Net (Green DMN) program in autumn 2008, a concerted effort has been made to push sustainable tourism and employ greener practices. The entire region of Pyhä-Luosto was involved in the quality development program. The priorities of the environment program were: energy, transport, waste management, construction and conservation.

Nowadays Pyhä-Luosto is one of the pilot destinations in Visit Finland's the Sustainable Travel Finland programme

The Sustainable Travel Finland programme is in the pilot stage. Since March 2019, some destinations, pioneers in sustainable tourism in Finland, have been testing the development path provided by Sustainable Travel Finland programme.

Read more:

In the Pyhä-Luosto region, you can enjoy the beauty of the fells in the care of responsible travel companies. Activities have been developed in the region to ensure that energy, heat and water are sourced and consumed as efficiently as possible and to aid conservation. Regarding waste management, the most important issue is to reduce the overall level of waste produced and continually develop the recycling system.

Pyhä-Luosto resorts want to offer the possibility to enjoy the space, silence and nature. The heart of these two resorts are the small villages, where all quality services are in walking distance. Untouched nature is just few steps away from your door. Sustainability means preserving these key elements in the future.

Welcome to Pyhä-Luosto, where you’ll be able to enjoy a unique natural landscape for decades to come!

Pyhä Ski Resort has managed to reduce the emissions caused by the energy consumption of its ski resort operations by approximately 80% by beginning to use electricity produced with renewable resources and a district heating system based on bio-heating solutions. Pyhä became the first carbon neutral ski resort in the Nordic Countries when it began offsetting the remaining carbon footprint caused by the use of fossil fuels in 2011.

Sustainability is one of the core values in Pyhä Ski Resort. Read more of company's sustainable travel efforts:

Eco-friendly heating in accommodations

In Pyhä-Luosto most of the accommodation units are using eco-friendly (ground heating, a pellet heating system, solar panels) heating systems. Also air source heat pumps are widely used to the reduce the consumption of energy.

  • Hotel Pyhätunturi, Pyhä Suites and Pyhälinna apartments have central heating which is based on the use of woodchips.
  • Pyhä Igloos has ground heating, solar panels and air source heat pumps.
  • Holiday Resort Pyhän Asteli's Aurora Suites apartments and Aurora Huts have ground heating and solar panels. All accommodation units have air source heat pumps.
  • Sunday Morning Resort has ground heating and air source heat pumps.
  • Lapland Hotels Luostotunturi has a pellet heating system.
  • Santa's Hotel Aurora and Aurora Glass Igloss have ground heating and air source heat pumps.

Pure local ingredients used in restaurants

On restaurant's menus dishes like fish, mushrooms, berries, game and reindeer meat are mostly local ingredients. Some examples:

  • Restaurant Punakettu and Café Torvisen maja: pizza dough, burger rolls and bakery products from Kiuaspulla Kemijärvi, fish from Kiveliön Kala Sodankylä, reindeer meat from Maijala reindeer farm Sodankylä.
  • Café Loimu: all white fish (pike, perch, vendace and whitefish) from lake Kemijärvi, reindeer meat from local reindeer farms nearby, berries like cloudberry, cranberry, lingonberry and blueberry from local berry producers. All rolls and salty pies are self-baked in own kitchen.
  • Restaurant Huttuhippu, Reindeer Restaurant Kopara and Restaurant Vaisko: reindeer meat from Reindeer farm Kopara, turnips from local farmer Kairala. Restaurant Huttuhippu has a special POW menu (POW=Protect Our Winters).

Other examples how restaurants in Pyhä-Luosto takes care of sustainable development:

  • vegetarian options available on menus
  • minimizing food wastage
  • avoids using single-use packaging and disposable tableware whenever possible
  • environmentally friendly cleaners

Responsible guided tours in nature

Arctic nature itself is something we want to preserve for future generations. Here are some examples of work companies in Pyhä-Luosto have done to make sure this will happen.

  • Companies offering guided tours in nature have signed a collaboration agreement pertaining to the principles of sustainable nature tourism with Metsähallitus’s nature services.
  • The 2-stroke snowmobiles previously used in snowmobile safaris have been replaced with 4-stroke snowmobiles.
  • Electric snowmobiles were used in Sunday Morning Resort already during winter 2019-2020. Lapland Safaris Luosto will have electric snowmobiles for winter 2020-2021.
  • Animal welfare is taken care in reindeer, dog and horse farms. Arctic Husky Farm/Lapland Safaris Luosto has participate in the Animal Welfare –programme.
  • Avoids using single-use packaging and disposable tableware during tours whenever its possible.

Public transportation

Pyhä-Luosto offers public bus transportation from Rovaniemi train station, bus station and airport via Luosto to Pyhä all year round (excluding May). Also from Kemijärvi train station there is a public bus transportation to Pyhä. Bus drivers are regularly attending proactive and economical driving training. Environmental friendliness and cost efficiency are taken care in vehicles.

Lightning system in Luosto

In Luosto the lightning system has been changed to LED-lights in cross country skiing trails and walking trails in centre of Luosto village. This reduce energy consumption in a long term 50%.

Electric cars charging plugs

Electric cars charging plugs are available in Hotel Pyhätunturi, Sunday Morning Resort and Lapland Hotels Luostotunturi.

Snow fences used in ski resorts

Both ski resorts are using snow fences to collect snow. This reduces energy and water consumption used in snow making.

Examples of Kide Life and Style shop sustainable efforts

  • The product range takes into account the recycling and further processing of brand materials. Every brand sold in a store has values ​​that respect nature, in some product or stage of the process.
  • Purchased products are packed in a 100% recycled paper bag made from recycled paper. The bag is available for free and can be reused to make trash or bottles.
  • The popularity of natural materials is growing. They are durable as well as durable and timeless. The wool product does not necessarily need environmentally friendly washing, but good outdoor ventilation is sufficient.
  • The company wants to support a Finnish small business. A significant part of the store's products are produced or manufactured in Finland.

    Preservation of local culture is one dimension of sustainability.

    Reindeer herding and Sámi culture

    Reindeer herding is one of the traditional livelihood in Lapland. Traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Both Jaakkola Reindeer Farm and Kopara Reindeer Park includes their programs fascinating stories of this traditional livelihood. At Jaakkola Reindeer Farm clients will also get information of Sámi culture and traditions, told by the lady of the farm Anu who's background is in Sámi culture.

    Sauna Culture

    Finland in general has a strong sauna culture. Nearby Pyhä resort is located Hoitola Susannea / Uitto's Kotirantasauna which offers a caring and pampering experience. Traditional sauna culture includes blood cupping and peat treatments. The sauna is closely linked to the timber rafting theme, which also has a national cultural and historical tradition that is carried forward in the form of business. The treatment sauna is built in the traditional way of logs, which is also part of sustainable development. Company is constantly developing new organic treatments and our own expertise. These are used to support the old cultural heritage in tourism. Clean, genuine and organic care products are used in sauna treatments. All wild herbs are harvested in a sustainable way from Lapland's nature. New sauna products are developed together with local natural resources producers.

      All year-round business, permanent jobs and well-being

      Our goal is to develop business in Pyhä-Luosto so that these two resorts can serve stronger all year-round. In a long-term this will increase amount of permanent jobs for people living in the area. As a result of this development also well-being in a resort and municipalities nearby will get better.All year-round business, permanent jobs and well-being.

      Favoring local ingredients and products

      Pyhä-Luosto comprises two resorts only 20 minutes' drive from each other. Co-operation among companies is natural way to do business. Companies appreciate the local ingredients and locally manufactured products highly and strive to use them as much as possible.Favoring local ingredients and products

      Pyhä-Luosto comprises two resorts only 20 minutes' drive from each other. Co-operation among companies is natural way to do business. Companies appreciate the local ingredients and locally manufactured products highly and strive to use them as much as possible.

      Both resorts Pyhä and Luosto has 6 public recycling stations. You can recycle following materials:

      • Glass packaging
      • Metals
      • Mixed waste
      • Paper
      • Cartoon packaging

      Link to a map:

      Biowaste or plastic waste cannot currently be sorted separately at Pyhä-Luosto because there are no regional services that collect these categories of waste. Biowaste and plastic waste are disposed of as energy waste, which will be burned to produce energy. This is a significantly better alternative than taking biowaste to a landfill, which causes a significant amount of methane emissions. We are actively lobbying for biowaste and plastic waste sorting to be introduced in the Pyhä-Luosto fell region.

      Nature has taken care of us for millions of years and now it’s time for us to take care of it in return. By taking the Sustainable Finland Pledge you make a promise to respect and treasure the Finnish nature, its inhabitants and culture during your visit.

      Sign the pledge:

      Small changes can make a big difference to your ecological footprint. If you have any tips that you want to share in this section, please send us an email: info(at)

      1. When leaving on holiday, switch off electrical appliances, close any ventilation windows, lower the temperature of the central heating and reduce the underfloor heating of the bathroom.
      2. Where possible, walk instead of taking the car: if a journey in the winter is relatively short, you can even walk in the snow if you have snow shoes. This way, you will avoid using the car unnecessarily and your body will even thank you for it! Don't forget that you can also make use of public transport to get about.
      3. Keep ski trails and campfire sites tidy - a responsible cross-country skier leaves behind no traces other than those of the skis and the poles.
      4. When doing your holiday laundry, make sure to wash full loads and don’t overdo it with the detergent. Also remember to check the environmental friendliness of the laundry detergent.
      5. If you have any combustible waste on your trip, burn any clean paper or card. Any other rubbish – such as packaging containing aluminium foil or plastic – should not be burnt on the campfire because it can create non-degradable waste and poisonous gases.
      6. If you only practice downhill skiing a few times a year, renting ski equipment is a smarter option in terms of impact on the environment.
      7. When packing food for treks, keep it in reusable and washable containers or bags. Peel fruit and boiled eggs beforehand so as to reduce waste created during the trek. The less waste that has to be transported from the countryside by engine power, the less noise and air pollution will be created, even before setting out on the excursion.
      8. During the frosty winter periods, ventilate rooms by using an air conditioning system: it is a more energy efficient alternative to opening windows.
      9. When grocery shopping, use your own cloth bags instead of plastic or paper bags.
      10. Your very own eco-tip could appear here. Just send it to us by email: info(at)

        These companies in Pyhä-Luosto are already awarded with Sustainable Travel Finland label:

        Pyhä Ski Resort (Pyhätunturi Ltd)
        Pyhä Igloos