Arctic Sky Tonight


The Arctic Northern Sky offers lot of interesting events during the winter time. After the short winter days arctic sky turns into dark colors which give great opportunities for observing the special phenomena of the sky. With the help of our guide you will find different constellations and learn for example to situate our Stella Polaris. Maybelast time you saw these stars was in your childhood?

We will take you up to the top of Lampivaara fell (400 meters above the sea level) with no disturbing light pollution and you really can feel the Spirit of the Arctic Sky. Maybe royal Northern Lights will occur or perhaps you will just have a private talk with a moon?

On Lampivaara fell you can feel the Spirit of the old ground that conciel a rich deposit of violet gemstone.
Amethyst was born 2000 million years ago deep inside of the ancient mountain. Nowadays this purple
gemstone can be found almost on the surface.

Tour includes special transportation with Snow Train, a warmed wagon pulled by a snow vehicle, warm beverages in teepee, a visual animation and explanations of the phenomena and observations of sky with helpful instruments. As we stay quite a lot outside, warm winter outfit is needed to make the tour enjoyable. In case the sky is cloudy you will also have time to dig your own lucky amethyst to keep.

Tour is guided by an English speaking guide.

This tour will be organized every Thursday between December 2nd of January 2020 and 26th of March 2020 without minimum amount of participants. Snow Train departure station is in the center of Luosto at walking distance of hotels, next to the Amethyst Shop.

Price: 98 €/person

Reservations: -> Buy tickets

Please notice: departure is at 20:30 from Luosto center (next to the Amethyst Shop address Luostontie 4, 99555 Luosto), please be at the "Pendolino Station" latest 5 min prior departure.