It's good to start from somewhere, and starting from Pyhä is the best

Pyhä offers Finland's best conditions for freeriding for both beginners and backcountry specialists. Finland's most beautiful gorges and amazing hills wait for freeriders in Finland's best ski resort of 2017, only a 90 minute ride from Rovaniemi. Welcome to Pyhä to find the magic of freeriding and powder snow  – in Pyhä they're just a ski lift ride away.

Pyhä is known from it's versatility 

Pyhä is the best place to begin freeriding and the fell offers great lines for also more advanced riders, with wide variety of terrain ranging from ski lift powder to backcountry terrain in our national park. Ski school's guided freeriding courses and trips guide visitors to freeriding possibilities inside the ski resort and in Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Our Free'kend-events allow everyone to join an adventure in the backcountry with other riders and professionals. 

Amazing rides and effortless ways to the top

A freeriding day doesn't always require heavy effort and long hiking, because in Pyhä there are freeriding routes that are easy to access from the lifts and slopes. Pyhä's freeriding rental shop takes care that everyone finds suitable, high-quality equipment for riding and snow safety. All you have to pack with you is an adventurous mindset.
See Pyhä Upper Rental Shop's freeriding services

Pyhä's lift powder and national park's backcountry terrain

In Pyhä there are different types of freeriding areas, ranging from easy beginner areas in the ski center area to more advanced routes in the surrounding peaks. This map shows routes in both the ski resort area and the national park. 

Before heading to backcountry it is important to get to know current weather conditions. Finnish Meteorological Institute manages a snow safety report for Pyhä-Luosto area, that shows the possibility of an avalanche on a one-to-five scale. Remember to consider snow safety on your backcountry trips and to respect the national park's rules when moving there. Welcome to the world of free riding!

Free'kend freeriding events

Finland's most versatile freeriding weekends happen in Pyhä. Free'kends include riding in the backcountry, learning from snow safety and enjoying the atmosphere in Pyhä. Free'kend-weekends suit well also for those who are just beginner freeriders. This winter in addition to Free'kend-events Pyhä bAAnked hosted by Antti Autti will be held for the second time. Pyhä bAAnked takes participants to ride the best parts of the area in both slopes and nearby backcountry. 

Pyhä x Antti Autti

Pyhä's and snowboarder Antti Autti's co-operation brings Pyhä's backcountry opportunities to Autti's Statements video series. Pyhä Backcountry short film is the third and last part of second season of Statements series.